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Majors and Minors Placements


When:  Saturday, March 14, 2020

Where:  Hemlock High School Gym
(733 N. Hemlock Rd.)

Minors (10U) Girls:  9:00 am  ~  Majors (12U) Girls:  10:00 am

Minors (10U) Boys: 11:00 am  ~  Majors (12U) Boys: 12:00 pm

Placements are MANDATORY for your child if he/she is playing anything above coach-pitch. 


Here's how placements work:

Each child will be assessed and given a score of 1-5 (only coaches know these scores). 
The coaches go through each group of scores and divide the groups into teams as equally as possible. They then go to the next group of scores and do the same until all score groups are divided amongst the teams as equally as possible.
The goal is to even out the teams with kids of all skill levels (i.e. if there are 6 kids that all are 1's, 9 kids that are all 2's and 3 teams then each team will have 2 players with a score of 1 and 3 players that had scores of 2).